MEA Leaders

Your 2023-2024 MEA Officers and Board of Directors

President: Tim Royers, MEA Office,

Vice President: Stacy Kester-Pearson, Russell Middle,

Recording Secretary:  Chris Janovec-Poehlman, Upchurch,

Treasurer: Paul Schulte, Abbott,

Elementary Directors:

Diana Weis, Disney,

Emily Mildenberger, Upchurch,

Marsha Edquist, Aldrich,

Middle Level:

Grant Christiansen, Russell,

Bonnie Patten, Kiewit,

High School Level:

Stacy Johnson, Horizon,

Bryant Bull, Millard West,

Paraprofessional Director:

Mary Reynolds-East, Holling Heights,


Zac Ward, Russell,



Organizational Specialist: Andy Isaacson,

Staff Associate: Angie Tasich,