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Professional File

The beginning of each school year is the time to start compiling your professional documents. MEA/NSEA recommends that you keep a Professional File with the following information:

  • Documentation of Professional Growth
    Keep all correspondence between you, the district and any institution of higher learning regarding your professional growth. This information can be used to demonstrate that you have complied with state law and district policies.
  • Salary Letter
    Check over the placement letter sent to you each year by the district to make sure that you agree with the contents regarding your salary. Should you disagree with the district’s information , it is important to contact the district and the MEA immediately.
  • Documents Related to Appraisal
    Keep all documents related to the district’s appraisal process including administrator conferences, evaluation documents, notes regarding walk throughs and observations, etc. Keep a record (date/time/observer/length of observation) of all classroom observations and/or conferences about your performance.
  • Communication
    Keep a hard copy of all e-mail correspondence between you and colleagues, parents and administrators. Keep a copy of all written correspondence, positive and negative that you may receive.
  • Record of Leave Days
    While the school district keeps a record of leave days, i.e. illness, bereavement, personal, etc. it is a good idea to keep your own data to verify accuracy.
  • Keep ALL pay stubs.

Keep a hard file as well as a computer file. Don’t depend on the computer to store all of your professional communication. Make a hard of copy of everything and keep it in a personal file.