Membership Information

What has the MEA done for ME lately?


Professional Support

  • Leadership opportunities at the local, state, and national level

  • Opportunities to attend regional and national conferences

  • Represent MEA at the NSEA Delegate Assembly

  • Represent MEA at the NEA Representative Assembly

  • 12 ($500) scholarships awarded to teachers throughout the year

Working Conditions for Teaching and Learning

  • Time Creep

  • Building/Classroom renovations

  • Guaranteed time for planning, lunch and collaboration during the contract week

Public Relations and Community Support

  • 3 ($1,000) scholarships awarded to Millard students, with preference given to children of MEA members

  • Cupcake Caucus at the NEA RA which raises funds for the NSEA Children’s Fund

  • MPS Foundation Annual Staff Campaign

  • MPS Foundation Hall of Fame Table Sponsor

  • Member of the Millard Business Association

  • Work with local organizations such as Project WeeCare and Human Rights Campaign to focus on Social Justice issues

  • Helped sponsor the Metro District Social Justice Retreat

Salary and Benefits

  • The MEA negotiates your salary and benefits package, making sure that we are competitive with other districts in the state.

  • Initial base salary increases to $38,125 for 2018-19

  • Maximum salary increases to $75,308 for 2018-19

  • Salary formula to allow for teachers to receive advancement for grad hours as soon as the classes are completed, instead of waiting for the traditional step and lane advancement

  • Health Insurance

  • Daily rate of pay for work outside the contract  year

  • Personal days/Sick leave/Bereavement leave

  • Disability insurance

  • Extra duty pay

Member Advocacy

  • Mediation services and member representation/support upon request

  • $1 million liability coverage through NEA

  • Strong support from NSEA for member rights issues

  • Formal recognition as the representative organization for all non-administrative certified staff

  • Shared governance and consensus-building across the district

  • Representation on the MPS Strategic Planning Committee, MPS Foundation Board, PROCOM Quarterly Meetings, MPS Budget Committee, MPS Staff Evaluation Committee, Meetings with the Superintendent and Associate Superintendent twice a month, and many other district opportunities.